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Toy Fair, February 2010

Toy Fair 2010 felt a lot better than it did in 2009.  The aisles and booths were busier than last year and the exhibitors seemed happy. The noise level at the show was not as deafening as it had been in previous years.  Overall, the tone of the show reflected the economic forecasts – a slow but steady recovery. 

I was at the show representing our new client UNICEF.  The UNICEF organization is extending their brand to children’s toys, apparel, optical, first aid, safety and juvenile products.  We are really excited about this assignment since UNICEF’s global brand awareness, credibility and link to children is virtually unmatched.   Extending the UNICEF brand to toys is seamless. We’re exploring  product categories such as arts & crafts, plush, mini-vehicles, puzzles, games, infant/preschool, games, and more.

Jakks Pacific had one of my favorite toys.  “Real Construction” uses a durable foam material that looks just like real wood and allows children to create wood configurations safely.  It looked like a toy that children could really enjoy.

One thing that seemed lacking in the products I saw was creativity.  Considering the industry this was a bit perplexing and disappointing! It’s clear that the retail environment isn’t necessarily inspiring risk (at least in the toy industry), but for those willing to take the chance, is the potential reward worth the gamble? We hope so!

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