MODA provides the “staff” and expertise, and uses its proprietary methodolgy to assess brand value, develop, implement and manage the licensing business.  You can choose to work with us on a full-service or  project specific basis.


  • Development of Licensing and Marketing Strategy
    • Includes Brand/IP Audit and Licensing Feasibility Study
  • Implementation of Licensing Business
    • Includes identifying, contacting and engaging select licensee prospects (manufacturer and/or retailer)
  • Negotiation of Deal Terms and License Agreements
  • On-going Business Development
  • Management of Licensing Business



  • Analysis and Assessment of brand valuation with respect to Licensing
  • License Agreement negotiation

Project Specific: Assignment-based and/or specific services:

  • Feasibility of licensing as business development model
  • Product or service category specific licensing
  • Country or Region specific
  • Retail channel specific
  • Assessment and management of existing licensing business

Social Media Consulting

  • Assessment of brand opportunity and objectives to create strategy in today’s shifting social media landscape
  • Identify new digital platforms
  • Implement strategy and/or enhance internal capabilities