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MODA Salutes New Client: VetDogs

New York, NY – January 20, 2009) MODA International Marketing has been appointed the exclusive licensing agency representing America’s VetDogs® – The Veteran’s K-9 Corps® and SGT. VETDOGS®.

America’s VetDogs® is the premier provider of guide, service, and therapy dogs for veterans with disabilities and active duty personnel. It began as a project of the Guide Dog Foundation for the Blind Inc.® to expand its programs and services for veterans.

Michelle Alfandari, founder and president of MODA International Marketing, says, “This is an organization I just knew we had to represent the minute we met with them.  You cannot quantify the value of the work America’s VetDogs® does to ensure that our country’s heroes are given the tools to be self-reliant again. The brand pulls at the heartstrings of pet owners and lovers, and taps into America’s patriotic spirit and the spirit of giving back and supporting those who served our nation. The image of SGT. VETDOGS® is without rival in the marketplace.  The camouflaged helmet and the brand ‘SGT. VETDOGS®‘ tells the story in a nanosecond.” 

Licensees and retailers will benefit from this strong branding, in addition to innovative and quality products ranging from toys to training devices. The VetDogs® team includes certified instructors, veterinarians, and the physical and occupational therapists who work with disabled veterans. Together, they develop innovative training methods that continue to evolve and deliver groundbreaking service to America’s wounded warriors. 

Alfandari continues, “This means that the food, dog beds, leashes, bowls, backpacks, crates, toys, veterinary supplies, etc. used to raise these specially bred puppies and to train them to become guide and service dogs all meet high and demanding standards. Licensed SGT. VETDOGS® branded products will be a natural extension of this approach to quality and innovation.”

Jeff Bressler, executive vice president of America’s VetDogs® says, “We are sure that licensed products will resonate with traditional family pet owners and consumers who enjoy the outdoors with their working and hunting dogs.”

About America’s VetDogs®:

America’s VetDogs trains and provides guide dogs for veterans who are blind or visually impaired, service dogs for veterans and active duty personnel with disabilities other than blindness, and therapy dogs for deployed personnel and the recently returned wounded during their recovery from battlefield injuries. America’s VetDogs honors the sacrifices made by our men and women in uniform.

There is no cost to the veteran for its services, and all its funding comes from individuals, corporations, foundations, businesses, and service, and fraternal clubs. 

For more information, please contact America’s VetDogs at 866-VETDOGS (866-838-3647) or visit

About MODA International Marketing, Inc:

MODA International Marketing, est. 1988, is an international licensing agency that uses licensing to leverage existing assets such as trademarks, brands and patents to meet its clients’ marketing, business development and revenue goals.  MODA offers its broad client base customized strategic planning, implementation and management of turnkey licensing programs.

For over 20 Years, MODA has distinguished itself by identifying and implementing opportunities, generating incremental revenue; strengthening and extending our clients brands and technologies throughout the global marketplace.

For more information about MODA International Marketing, Inc., please visit

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