WHO WE ARE: Established in 1988, MODA Licensing (formerly MODA International Marketing), is a full service licensing and marketing company specializing in the global representation of brands, trademarks and patents. MODA offers its broad client base customized strategic planning, implementation and management of turnkey international licensing programs. Clients may choose to work with MODA on a full-service, consulting or project specific basis.

EXPERIENCED: Our founder, President/CEO Michelle Alfandari is one of the pioneers of the industry. This means that clients benefit from our track record of success and experience in developing, implementing and managing successful and strategic licensing businesses.

CREDIBLE: MODA Licensing brings over 25 years of successfully generating revenue and building brand equity across diverse industries, retail channels and countries for Fortune 500 companies, Non-profits, Sports Events, Publishing, Hotels & Restaurants and Patent Owners.

STRATEGIC INDUSTRY LEADER: MODA was the first Agency to recognize that Licensing is a business model that should be considered as an alternative to organic growth, JV, M&A and other strategic alliances. Our approach builds enduring, stand-alone businesses that deliver to our clients’ expectations and protect valuable intangible assets. Consistently named in TOP LICENSING Agents by LICENSE!Global.

CLIENTS: MODA’s trademark and brand clients include major corporations, non-profits and cultural institutions, dot-coms, sports events, restaurants and hotels. They all have one important thing in common: Equity from intangible existing assets that should be protected and can be leveraged to deliver incremental revenue, heighten/expand brand awareness, enter new markets and territories and differentiate from competition by seamlessly, viably and profitably extending the brand to new products and markets.

MODA’s technology clients are selected on the strength of their patent(s) and our assessment of the feasibility of the opportunity. Click “CLIENTS/BRANDS”

DEALS and DISTRIBUTION: From food to furniture. From pallets to cosmetics. From bicycles to electronic games. From North America to Europe to Asia and lots of places and products in between. MODA has been there, seen it and done it. We have successfully negotiated deals on behalf of our clients that have resulted in distribution of licensed products to bricks and mortar, B2B, and e-commerce. You will notice we are NOT LIMITED to a single industry, retail channel or country. Click “RESULTS”

PROVEN METHODOLOGY: We have proven expertise to evaluate the commercial equity of a brand and to develop and execute a licensing business strategy across industries, countries and retail channels. MODA’s clients benefit from our large database, market research resources and established relationships with manufacturers, retailers, industry experts and service providers.

CUSTOMIZED APPROACH: Licensing is a business model inextricably connected to market and economic conditions and trends. These are not static factors and not all brands fit the same set of criteria for success. It is therefore an imperative that MODA’s assessment and licensing strategy for our clients’ Intellectual Property is customized to ensure the greatest relevance, sustainability and ROI.

INNOVATIVE: MODA employs a holistic approach to building businesses from existing intangible assets such as trademarks, brands and patents. We keep up with market factors and trends that create opportunities for the brands we represent and the retailers we work with. We seek out the opportunities where the brands can establish a meaningful position and ROI.

LICENSEE SELECTION: Our clients’ hard-earned brand equity is currency in licensing, and MODA makes sure that currency is invested wisely. Through a careful and diligent screening process of prospective licensees, we ensure the best match for client and brand.

WINNING PARTNERSHIPS:  A ‘partnership’ works only if the ROI is equitable for all parties.  The best way for MODA to represent our clients is to ensure that there is a win-win with each of its licensing partners.

DIFFERENTIATOR: We respect our clients’ corporate culture and at the same time bring a fresh, innovative and complementary approach to their thinking.

MANAGEMENT: We have a fine-tuned management process that ensures licensee compliance and business growth.

PASSION = TRACK RECORD OF SUCCESS: Using licensing to build value and businesses from existing intangible assets is our expertise, our passion and what we excel at…and we have the results to prove it. Click “RESULTS”