MODA’s structure is based on the “keep it simple” model that we find to be the most productive and results oriented.  We have an Executive Team, a Support Team and Global Associates.  The “simplicity” of this model provides daily continuity of a core group of senior level executives and their support teams.  In addition, in 1993 we established a dynamic group of Global Associates who work with us on a project basis.  This gives us the best of all worlds and ensures our clients that we will have expertise, relevant information and contacts to develop businesses in any industry, country or retail channel.


The Executive Team comprises a dynamic group of individuals from diverse and senior level corporate backgrounds.  We leverage the individual skill sets along with the collective intellectual capital of the “team” for the benefit of our clients.

The Executive Team is led by:

Michelle Alfandari, Founder, President/CEO

Faith Dash, SVP Operations/Client Services


Management is a critical component of a sustaining and growing licensed businesses.

Our Support Team provides management and the on-going communication necessary with our clients, licensees and retailers to ensure all parties remain engaged.

The Support Team is led by Faith Dash who oversees a team that provides contract compliance, royalty invoicing and accounting, quality control, product development, research,  licensing summits, and MORE!


MODA Global Associates are located throughout the U.S. and the world.  They assist us with their knowledge of local markets, cultures, languages and industry expertise.  Their engagement with MODA ranges from consultancies to being fully engaged as part of our “team” on specific businesses.  Global Associates include experts and professionals from legal, marketing, advertising, branding, retail, consumer goods, paper,  pharmaceuticals, HBA, fashion, home furnishings, food and beverage, shipping, social media, traditional media,  and more…


Michelle Alfandari, Founder, President/CEO

Michelle established MODA Licensing (as MODA International Marketing) in 1988 and has developed MODA into a globally recognized leader in brand and technology licensing. She has over 30 years of business development, licensing, strategic planning, marketing and sales experience.

Michelle is a member of LIMA (Licensing Industry Merchandising Association) and LES (Licensing Executives Society), and was a founding member of the Non-profit Licensing Forum, a sub group formed from the Cause Marketing Forum. She has written articles for licensing and trade journals and was a contributor to Licensing for Dummies published by Wiley Publishing, Inc. Michelle is a consistent speaker at licensing conferences including the Licensing International Expo (New York and Las Vegas), CLE (Continuing Law Education) conferences, Luxury Marketing Council and Cause Marketing Forum’s annual conference.

Prior to establishing MODA, Michelle’s background included sales, marketing and management positions in the garment and textiles industries for Burlington Industries and the health services arena.

Faith Dash, SVP Operations/Client Services

Faith joined MODA in 2001.  She came to MODA from Sunbeam Corporation (now Jarden Consumer Solutions) where she was Vice President/General Manager of Consumer and Professional Scales for the Health Division overseeing the mass market and professional scales business for the brands Health-o-Meter and Pelouze for consumer, postal and food scales.

Prior positions included Revlon, Inc. where she was Vice President Marketing, Beauty Care and later as Vice President Marketing for the Revlon Licensing Division where Faith was responsible for managing marketing, budgeting, forecasting and monitoring quality for the global business of licensed trademarks (Revlon, Almay, etc.) for the corporation.

Faith started her career in marketing at Whitehall Laboratories Division of American Home Products (formerly Wyeth, now Pfizer) working on OTC healthcare brands including Anacin, Dristan and Denorex.

Faith has an MBA from New York University.